Why Choose ABA?

Our focus is on player development for long-term growth. We not only focus on the physical skill set of our athletes, but we also put a strong emphasis on the mental and emotional health of our players. Helping our players reach their full potential, achieve their dreams, and have long term success in this sport is not a one size fits all approach. Each player has different athletic abilities and develops at different levels.

The Four Pillars We Focus On Include:

Tangibles:  How hard you throw, how hard you hit, how fast you run.  Anything that can be measured. We do not track stats from Game Changer. Stats are irrelevant to college and high school coaches and especially to us.  Stats are often tracked incorrectly and we don’t care. ABA offers the following programs to help improve your player’s tangibles:

  • Personalized and Individualized throwing assessment and program for your son.
  • IMPACT ARM: Throwing Velocity program.
  • The IMPACT Pitcher: Understanding the difference between a pitcher and a thrower. Very in-depth class, in multiple stages, to improve pitch-ability that is being lost in the world of baseball.
  • The IMPACT Body: Strength, mobility, and agility to create functional baseball strength and athleticism. This is not a body building class.  This is for increased performance, injury prevention, and identifying inefficient movements. Your athlete will have to have an individual assessment to determine what program is best for their body.

Intangibles: Baseball I.Q. Performance

  • Class Room sessions and on field training using the ABA Way System to increase each athlete’s baseball I.Q. is essential to their development and moving up levels.

Character: We strive for all of our athletes to become IMPACT athletes.  As a program that has put an incredible number of athletes into colleges, we can tell you one of the first questions we get from college coaches is about the character of the athlete. This program was created to emphasize the importance of quality characteristics not only on the field but most importantly, off the field. 

  • IMPACT: Teaching our athletes the IMPACT acronym to perform without fear.
  • BOLD: Brave On Life’s Decisions is our winter training class that follows each week’s skill training.
  • The IMPACT SPORTS MIND: We offer to our athletes who struggle with fear, performance anxiety, low self-esteem, and more.

Education: Helping our athletes achieve success at the collegiate level is teaching them to understand the importance of maintaining a strong GPA and ACT scores.